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  1. 50 Philosophy Classics : Thinking, Being, Acting, Seeing, Profound Insights and Powerful Thinking from Fifty Key Books

    Butler-Bowdon, Tom
    Gildan Media 2013 Unabridged

    From Aristotle to Wittgenstein and Zizek, 50 Philosophy Classics provides a lively entry point to the field of philosophy. Analyses of key works by Descartes, Schopenhauer, Hegel,...

  2. Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are?

    Waal, Frans de
    W. W. Norton & Company 2016

    From world-renowned biologist and primatologist Frans de Waal comes this groundbreaking work on animal intelligence destined to become a classic.What separates your mind from an an...

  3. Astrophysics for people in a hurry

    Tyson, Neil deGrasse

    The essential universe, from our most celebrated and beloved astrophysicist. What is the nature of space and time? How do we fit within the universe? How does the universe fit with...

  4. Behave : the biology of humans at our best and worst

    Sapolsky, Robert M.
    Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group

    perspective on why we ultimately do the things we do...for good and for ill. Sapolsky builds on this understanding to wrestle with some of our deepest and thorniest questions relat...

  5. The Biophilia Effect : A Scientific and Spiritual Exploration of the Healing Bond Between Humans and Nature

    Arvay, Clemens G.
    Sounds True 2018 Unabridged

    The Biophilia Effect celebrates our interconnection with nature and shows how to deeply engage the natural world wherever you live to dramatically improve your health. This unabrid...

  6. Bold : how to go big, achieve success, and impact the world

    Diamandis, Peter H.

    Offers readers a how-to guide for harnessing the power of exponential technologies, moonshot thinking, and crowd-powered tools to create wealth while also positively impacting the...

  7. Breath : The New Science of a Lost Art

    Nestor, James
    Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group 2020 Unabridged

    No matter what you eat, how much you exercise, how resilient your genes are, how skinny or young or wise you are, none of it matters if you're not breathing properly. There is noth...

  8. A Brief History of Time

    Hawking, Stephen W.
    Phoenix Books, Inc. 2017

    "Lively and provocative... Mr. Hawking clearly possesses a natural teacher's gifts-easy, good-natured humor and an ability to illustrate highly complex proposition with analogies p...

  9. David Attenborough New Life Stories

    Attenborough, David
    BBC Audio 2011 Unabridged

    One of the nation's most popular presenters examines twenty marvels of the natural world from his extraordinary and pioneering experiences. How did Sir David track down a giant Ear...

  10. Elastic : Flexible Thinking in a Time of Change

    Mlodinow, Leonard
    Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group 2018 Unabridged

    From the best-selling author of Subliminal and The Drunkard's Walk, a groundbreaking new look at the neuroscience of how the brain deals with change—and why understanding brain ela...

  11. Endurance : a year in space, a lifetime of discovery

    Kelly, Scott
    Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group 2017

    NATIONAL BEST SELLER A stunning, personal memoir from the astronaut and modern-day hero who spent a record-breaking year aboard the International Space Station—a message of hope fo...

  12. Enlightenment now : the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress

    Pinker, Steven
    Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group 2018

    An assessment of the human condition in the twenty-first century presents data demonstrating that life quality, health, prosperity, safety, peace, knowledge, and happiness are on t...

  13. Every Tool's a Hammer : Lessons from a Lifetime of Making

    Savage, Adam
    Simon & Schuster Audio 2019 Unabridged

    A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER "An imperative how-to for creativity." —Nick Offerman Adam Savage—star of Discovery Channel's Mythbusters and one of the most beloved figures in scie...

  14. The evolution of everything : how new ideas emerge

    Ridley, Matt

    "The New York Times bestselling author of The Rational Optimist and Genome returns with a fascinating, brilliant argument for evolution that definitively dispels a dangerous, wides...

  15. Failure Is Not an Option : Mission Control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond

    Kranz, Gene
    Tantor Media, Inc. 2011 Unabridged

    Gene Kranz was present at the creation of America's manned space program and was a key player in it for three decades. As a flight director in NASA's Mission Control, Kranz witness...

  16. The Future We Choose : Surviving the Climate Crisis

    Figueres, Christiana; Rivett-Carnac, Tom
    Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group 2020 Unabridged

    In this cautionary but optimistic book, Figueres and Rivett-Carnac—the architects of the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement—tackle arguably the most urgent and consequential chall...

  17. The Gendered Brain : The New Neuroscience that Shatters the Myth of the Female Brain

    Rippon, Gina
    Random House 2019 Unabridged

    Random House presents the audiobook edition of The Gendered Brain by Gina Rippon, read by Catherine Bailey.'A treasure trove of information and good humour' CORDELIA FINE, author o...

  18. Head strong : the bulletproof plan to activate untapped brain energy to work smarter and think faster-in just two weeks

    Asprey, Dave
    HarperCollins 2017

    and energized well into your golden years. Promote neuron growth to enhance processing speed and reinforce new learning--hotwiring your brain for success. Asprey's easy to follow,...

  19. Homo Deus : A Brief History of Tomorrow

    Harari, Yuval Noah
    HarperCollins 2017

    Yuval Noah Harari, author of the critically-acclaimed New York Times bestseller and international phenomenon Sapiens, returns with an equally original, compelling, and provocative...

  20. Homo Deus : A Brief History of Tomorrow

    Harari, Yuval Noah

    "Over the past century, humankind has managed to do the impossible and rein in famine, plague, and war. For the first time ever, more people die from eating too much than from eati...