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Guinea Pigs : Complete Care Made Easy-Practical Advice To Caring For your Guinea Pig

“Compact, easy-to-care-for, and a bundle of fun" is how author Virginia Parker Guidry describes the irresistible guinea pig. Ideal pets for families with children, cavies (as they're often called) are clean, odorless, gentle, loving, and entertaining. This Complete Care Made Easy Guinea Pigs encapsulates all the virtues of these perfect small mammals and gives new owners practical advice about how to care for them. In chapter one, “A Guinea What?" the author talks about the guinea pig's natural history—they're neither pigs nor from Guinea, but rather a rodent from Peru—and how scientists classify this very unique mammal. To decide whether the guinea pig is right for you, chapter two discusses who makes the ideal owner and presents thirteen popular breeds of longhaired and shorthaired guinea pigs and the colors available to pet owners today.
The chapter “Finding a Healthy Guinea Pig" offers solid advice about selecting the right guinea pig, where to...

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Espoo-Esbo, Helsinki-Helsingfors, Kauniainen-Grankulla, Vantaa-Vanda

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