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Clara, the Early Years : The Story of the Pug Who Ruled My Life

Pugs were dogs. Cute dogs, willful dogs, lovable to be sure, but I was a Human. I was in charge.
Then along came Clara, and all bets were off.
Once a pug owner, always a pug owner--or so thought Margo Kaufman, having shared her home with the lovable snub-faced imps since her college days. But it was not until the 1992 arrival of Clara--petite, imperious, whip-smart, and seductive--that Margo found what it meant to be a pug parent: that a pug could rule her life, and perhaps the world as well.
Clara, the Early Years is the hilarious story of how a glossy-black, twelve-pound package of canine energy took over Margo's heart and home while charming the pants off the rest of the world. From commandeering the dressing rooms at Saks (where a personal shopper offers Clara Evian in a cut-crystal bowl), to accompanying Margo on her first book tour, to an appearance on PrimeTime Live (where Margo plays a supporting role), the indomitable Clara establishes...

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Espoo-Esbo, Helsinki-Helsingfors, Kauniainen-Grankulla, Vantaa-Vanda

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