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It Came from Something Awful : How a Toxic Troll Army Accidentally Memed Donald Trump into Office (ljudbok)

This program is read by the author.

An insider's history of the website at the end of the world, which burst into politics and memed Donald Trump into the White House.

The internet has transformed the ways we think and act, and by consequence, our politics. The most impactful recent political movements on the far left and right started with massive online collectives of teenagers. Strangely, both movements began on the same website: an anime imageboard called 4chan.org. It Came from Something Awful is the fascinating and bizarre story of 4chan and its profound effect on youth counterculture.

Dale Beran has observed the website's shifting activities and interests since the beginning. 4chan is a microcosm of the internet itself—simultaneously at the vanguard of contemporary culture, politics, comedy and language, and a new low for all of the above. It was the original meme machine, mostly frequented by socially awkward...

Macmillan Audio Unabridged
ENG EISBN: 9781250233998

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Espoo-Esbo, Helsinki-Helsingfors, Kauniainen-Grankulla, Vantaa-Vanda

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