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  1. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle : A Year of Food Life

    Kingsolver, Barbara; Kingsolver, Camille; Hopp, Steven L.
    HarperCollins 2009

    Bestselling author Barbara Kingsolver returns with her first nonfiction narrative that will open your eyes in a hundred new ways to an old truth: You are what you eat."As the U.S....

  2. Beginner's Illustrated Guide to Gardening : Techniques to Help You Get Started

    Elzer-Peters, Katie
    Cool Springs Press 2012

    Beginner's Illustrated Guide to Gardening is a one-stop, easy to understand, beautifully designed book with step-by-step instructions and photographs for every important gardening...

  3. Book of Topiary

    Curtis, Charles; Gibson, W.
    Tuttle Publishing 2012

    Topiary, the art of trimming hedges, shrubs, and trees into ornamental shapes, is perhaps the most distinct and fascinating branch of landscape horticulture. Its best known example...

  4. Chas and his Rock'N'Roll Allotment

    Hodges, Chas
    Andrews UK 2010 1. edition

    Chas and His Rock n Roll Allotment is a gardening book like no other. Written by Chas Hodges, better known as half of musical duo Chas and Dave, the book is full of funny stories a...

  5. Dead Snails Leave No Trails, Revised : Natural Pest Control for Home and Garden

    Nancarrow, Loren; Taylor, Janet Hogan
    Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale 2013

    A practical guide to repelling indoor and outdoor pests using organic methods, updated with new information on getting rid of bedbugs and dust mites, plus includes updated online r...

  6. Erikoiskasvien viljely

    Peltonen, Sari; Keskitalo, Marjo; Hakala, Kaija; Harmoinen, Taina
    ProAgria Keskusten Liitto 2007 1. edition

    Erikoiskasvien viljely tarjoaa mielenkiintoisia vaihtoehtoja maatiloille. Niiden viljely lisää kasvintuotannon monipuolisuutta ja jatkojalostus uusia yritystoimintamahdollisuuksia....

  7. Functional foods, ageing and degenerative disease

    Remacle, C.; Reusens, B.
    Taylor & Francis Group 2005 1. edition

    Functional Foods, Ageing and Degenerative Disease reviews the role of functional foods in helping to prevent a number of such degenerative conditions, from osteoporosis and obesity...

  8. Gardening For Dummies

    Stackhouse, Shirley; Stackhouse, Jennifer
    Wiley 2013 1. edition

    Brimming with advice, resources and suggested planting choices, this friendly guide shows you step by step how to create the garden of yourdreams. From basic cultivation to garden...

  9. Gardening philosophy for everyone : cultivating wisdom

    O'Brian, Dan.; Cooper, David E
    Wiley- Blackwell 2010

    Philosophy and gardens have been closely connected from the dawn of philosophy, with many drawing on their beauty and peace for philosophical inspiration. Gardens in turn give rise...

  10. Hevosen ruokinta ja hoito : ProAgria Keskusten Liiton julkaisuja 1052

    Saastamoinen, Markku; Hyyppä, Seppo; Teppinen, Auli; Nihtilä, Elina
    ProAgria Keskusten Liitto 2017 1. edition

    Uusi Hevosten ruokinta ja hoito -kirja on monipuolinen ja kattava teos hevosten hyvinvoinnista, ravitsemuksesta, terveydenhuollosta ja hevosyrittäjyydestä. Teos pohjautuu uusimpaan...

  11. Home Herbal : Cultivating Herbs for Your Health, Home and Wellbeing

    Little, Maureen
    Little, Brown Book Group 2014

    This book will give you the knowledge and confidence to use your own herbs to make inexpensive wellbeing and domestic products from your own garden, without the need for costly com...

  12. How to Live on Less : A Guide to Everyday Budgeting and Self-Sufficiency

    Govier, Gill
    Andrews UK 2012 2. edition

    How to Live on Less is a practical guide to reducing everyday expenditure and waste by taking advantage of a range of smarter, cheaper ways of sourcing, acquiring and using those p...

  13. The Inspired Garden : Twenty-Four Artists Share Their Vision

    Paolini, Judy
    Down East Books 2009

    An eye for composition, texture, and color, and a willingness to break ordinary garden "rules." These are just some of the talents artists bring to designing their gardens. Artists...

  14. The Intelligent Gardener : Growing Nutrient-Dense Food

    Solomon, Steve; Reinheimer, Erica
    New Society Publishers 2012

    Beyond organic — a practical guide to nutrient-dense food Vegetables, fruits and grains are a major source of vital nutrients, but centuries of intensive agriculture have deplete...

  15. Kaikki kompostoinnista ja maanparannuksesta

    Tuominen, Kirsi
    Minerva Kustannus 2015 1. edition

    Käytännöllinen opas kaikenlaiseen kompostointiin sekä kompostista syntyvän humuksen hyödyntämiseen maanparannusaineena. Kirjassa on selkeät ohjeet elintarvike-, puutarha- ja käymäl...

  16. Kaupunkiviljely / toimitus: Minna Kontkanen

    Minna Kontkanen, toim.; ProAgria keskusten liitto
    ProAgria Keskusten Liitto 2013

    Kaupunkiviljely-kirja auttaa aloittelevaa ja jo pidemmälle ehtinyttä viherpeukaloa kasvattamaan herkullisia hyötykasveja: vihanneksia, juureksia, yrttejä, marjoja ja hedelmiä. Vilj...

  17. The Kitchen Herb Garden : A seasonal guide to growing, cooking and using culinary herbs

    Little, Maureen
    Little, Brown Book Group 2012

    This book is full of inspiration and practical advice oncultivating a kitchen herb garden,and on using its fresh,home-grown herbs in your cooking. There is detailed information on...

  18. Lannan käsittely ja käyttö : Tieto tuottamaan

    Palva, Reetta et al.
    ProAgria Keskusten Liitto 2009 1. edition

    Lannan käsittely ja käyttö -opas antaa käytännön neuvoja nautojen, sikojen ja siipikarjan lannan tehokkaaseen hyödyntämiseen. Kirja antaa tietoa lantojen erityispiirteistä lannoitu...

  19. The Little Book of Gardening Tips

    Curnock, David
    G2 Rights Ltd 2010

    This little book contains all the best seasonal gardening tips to help even the least green-fingered person!

  20. Lypsylehmän ruokinta

    Teräväinen, Hanne; Kyntäjä, Juho
    ProAgria Keskusten Liitto 2006 6. edition

    Maidontuotannon tulos muodostuu johtamisen, olosuhteiden ja hoidon yhteisvaikutuksesta. Kun lypsylehmän ruokinta onnistuu, on lehmällä edellytykset tuottaa ja voida hyvin. Terveell...