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  1. 101 Interesting Facts on The Eurovision Song Contest

    Snelgrove, Kevin
    Andrews UK 2013 1. edition

    Are you a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you follow all the pre-show build-up and eagerly tune in to watch the contest on television when the big night arrives? Can you rem...

  2. Ääniä äänien takaa : tulkintoja rock-lyriikasta

    Tampere University Press 2006

    Miten rock-lyriikkaa tulkitaan? Minkälaisia kulttuurisia ja esteettisiä ääniä rockista voidaan löytää? Voiko rockia tutkia tekstianalyysin välineillä? Ääniä äänien takaa on ensimm...

  3. Access All Areas: A Real World Guide to Gigging and Touring

    Wilkins, Trev
    Elsevier 2007

    From the paperwork to the practical aspects, Access All Areas gives you an excellent insight into the live music and touring industry. Drawing on a vast range of real-world experie...

  4. Amorphis

    Laakso, Markus
    Like Kustannus Oy 2015 1. edition

    Suomimetallin heimopäälliköiden tarina Amorphis on yksi Suomen kansainvälisesti menestyneimmistä yhtyeistä ja merkittävimmistä vientipioneereista. Se myi satojatuhansia levyjä ja...

  5. Bad music : the music we love to hate

    Washburne, Christopher.; Derno, Maiken
    Taylor & Francis 2005

    There are only two kinds of music: good and bad", said the late and great Ray Charles. This book explores his instinctive opinion. Some popular musical forms and performers are uni...

  6. Breaking Records: 100 Years of Hits

    Ruhlmann, William
    Taylor & Francis Group 2004 1. edition

    Breaking Records gives a narrative history of American popular music and the pop music industry. Organized by decade, each chapter gives an overview of the major developments, tech...

  7. The cantatas of J. S. Bach with their librettos in german-english parallel text

    Dürr, Alfred.; Jones, Richard D.P
    Oxford University Press 2005

    Definitive study available in English and in paperback for the first time.

  8. Country Music Originals: The Legends and the Lost

    Russell, Tony
    Oxford University Press 2007 1. edition

    Acknowledgments Introduction Notes on Playlists 1. Eck Robertson 2. Fiddlin' John Carson 3. Henry Whitter 4. Ernest V. Stoneman 5. Uncle Dave Macon 6. Vernon Dalhart 7. Fiddlin' Po...

  9. The Digital Musician

    Hugill, Andrew
    Taylor & Francis Group 2008 1. edition

    The Digital Musician examines cultural awareness, artistic identity and musical skill through the prism of recent technological innovations. New technologies, and especially the ne...

  10. DJing for Dummies

    Steventon, John
    John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 2007 1. edition

    From novice to nightclub -- without the nightmares. Whether you're a bedroom DJ looking to improve, or an accomplished amateur making the transition to playing live, DJing For Dumm...

  11. DJing For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>

    Steventon, John
    John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 2010 2. edition

    How to start and build a successful career as a DJ-from at-home mixing to making demos to playing to a live crowd Whether it's a digital or vinyl track of "Proud Mary," a DJ sets t...

  12. The end of early music a period performer´s history of music for the twenty-first century

    Haynes, Bruce
    Oxford University Press 2007

    Part history, part explanation of early music, this book also plays devil's advocate, criticizing current practices and urging experimentation. Haynes, a veteran of the movement, d...

  13. Ethnomusicology a research and information guide

    Post, Jennifer C
    Routledge 2005

    Ethnomusicology: A Research and Information Guide is an annotated bibliography of books, recordings, videos, and websites in the field of ethnomusicology. The book is divided into...

  14. Everybody wants some the Van Halen saga

    Christe, Ian
    Wiley 2008

    The first definitive biography of the ultimate American rock band How did a pair of little Dutch boys trained in classical music grow up to become the nucleus of the most popu...

  15. Exploring Twentieth-Century Vocal Music : A Practical Guide to Innovations in Performance and Repertoire

    Mabry, Sharon
    Oxford University Press 2002 1. edition

    The vocal repertoire of the twentieth century--including works by Schoenberg, Boulez, Berio, Larsen, and Vercoe--presents exciting opportunities for singers to stretch their talent...

  16. Folk Metal Big 5: Suomalaiset folk metal -jättiläiset

    Laakso, Markus
    Otava 2020 1. edition

    Suomalaiset folk metal -jättiläiset Folk metal ammentaa kansanmusiikki-vaikutteista ja metallista, yhdistää myytit ja soturit, miekat ja kitarat. Sadat tuhannet Facebook-seuraajat...

  17. Green Day : kolmen soinnun supertähdet / Marc Spitz ; suomentanut Juha Ahokas

    Spitz, Marc; Ahokas, Juha

    Valaisevassa historiikissaan maineikas rockjournalisti Marc Spitz kuvaa kiehtovasti maailman menestyneimmän punkbändin nousun, tuhon ja nousun. Green Dayn mukana kulkenut Spitz tar...

  18. Gypsy jazz in search of Django Reinhardt and the soul of gypsy swing

    Dregni, Michael
    Oxford University Press 2008

    Of all the styles of jazz to emerge in the twentieth century, none is more passionate, more exhilaratingly up-tempo, or more steeped in an outsider tradition than Gypsy Jazz. And t...