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Hiking in Finland - Day Trips and Backpacking Expeditions

Finland is an outstandingly good destination for a nature tourist, and this book tells you everything you need to know about hiking there. It is also meant for you who have immigrated to Finland and would like to visit the great outdoors.

The versatile landscapes, with vast forests, thousands of lakes, magnificent islands, and the stark but beautiful treeless fells of Lapland, are just made for hiking. There are thousands of kilometres of marked trails, with thousands of campfire sites along them.

The book advises on the outdoor skills needed in the various seasons of the year in the north, the Finnish hiking culture, Everyman's Rights, and also the interesting flora and fauna and history along the trails. The very best hiking destinations in Finland are also described. A total of over one hundred day trails and more than a dozen multi-day trails are described. A GPX track has been created for each of these, accessible through a QR code given in the book.

There is a multitude of colour photos and good topographic maps in the book.

Karttakeskus Oy 1. edition
ENG EISBN: 9789522666055

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Imatra, Lappeenranta-Villmanstrand, Lemi, Parikkala, Rautjärvi, Ruokolahti, Savitaipale, Taipalsaari

Kaarina-S:t Karins, Kustavi-Gustavs, Laitila, Lieto-Lundo, Masku, Mynämäki, Naantali-Nådental, Nousiainen-Nousis, Paimio-Pemar, Pyhäranta, Raisio-Reso, Rusko, Salo, Sauvo-Sagu, Taivassalo-Tövsala, Turku-Åbo, Uusikaupunki-Nystad, Vehmaa

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