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  1. Skinny Bitch : A No-Nonsense, Tough-Love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want To Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous!

    Barnouin, Kim; Freedman, Rory
    Running Press 2005

    Not your typical boring diet book, this is a tart-tongued, no-holds-barred wakeup call to all women who want to be thin. With such blunt advice as, "Soda is liquid Satan" and "You...

  2. Drugs in sport

    Taylor & Francis 2005 3rd ed.

    Drug use and abuse represents perhaps the most profound and high-profile issue facing sport today. Each major international championship seems to deliver a new drug-related controv...

  3. The Great Influenza : The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History

    Barry, John M.
    Penguin Publishing Group 2005 Revised

    #1 New York Times bestseller “Barry will teach you almost everything you need to know about one of the deadliest outbreaks in human history.”—Bill Gates"Monumental... an authoritat...

  4. Capoeira: The History of an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art

    Assunção, Matthias Röhrig
    Taylor & Francis Group 2005 1. painos

    Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art now spreading over the rest of the world, and is the only sport from Brazil that seeks Olympic recognition. Originally the preserve of the...

  5. Kuntoilijan lajitekniikkakoulu : opas ympärivuotiseen kuntoliikuntaan

    Aalto, Riku
    Docendo 2005

    Tämä monipuolinen teos toimii tukenasi ympäri vuoden pyrkiessäsi aktiivisempaan elämäntapaan ja parempaan kuntoon. Siitä löytyvät suosituimpien kestävyysliikuntalajien peruskurssi...

  6. Kuntoilijan käsikirja : opas tulokselliseen kuntoliikuntaan

    Aalto, Riku
    Docendo 2005

    Kuntoilijan käsikirja on toiminnallinen opas tuloksellisempaan kuntoiluun. Se tarjoaa Sinulle tietoa, tukea ja valmiita harjoitusohjelmia, olipa tavoitteenasi sitten kunnon kohenta...

  7. Vahvista & venytä : opas parempaan lihaskuntoon

    Aalto, Riku
    Docendo 2005

    Haaveiletko paremmasta ryhdistä, lihaskunnosta tai kiinteämmästä ja lihaksikkaammasta vartalosta? Haluatko aloittaa harjoittelun turvallisesti tai tehostaa harjoittelua saavuttaaks...

  8. Coaching Children in Sport: Principles and Practice

    Lee, Martin
    Taylor & Francis Group 2003 1. painos

    Children participate in sport at all levels, from school involvement to international competitions. With the growing concern about the mental and physical pressures which can be ex...

  9. Juoksemisen filosofia : kestävyysjuoksun monet ulottuvuudet : miten lihan kautta voi haastaa itsensä

    Koski, Tapio
    Tampere University Press 2005

    Kestävyysjuoksu on monimuotoinen liikuntalaji, joka tuottaa erilaisia elämään ja juoksijan identiteettiin liittyviä elämyksiä ja kokemuksia. Juoksemisen filosofia valottaa kestävyy...

  10. Game Theory: A Critical Introduction

    Hargreaves Heap, Shaun P.; Varoufakis, Yanis
    Taylor & Francis Group 2003 1. painos

    In recent years game theory has swept through all of the social sciences. Its practitioners have great designs for it, claiming that it offers an opportunity to unify the social sc...

  11. Healing Sounds : The Power of Harmonics

    Goldman, Jonathan
    Inner Traditions/Bear & Company 2002

    The first book to explain from both scientific and spiritual perspectives the healing and transformative powers of harmonics. • Includes practical exercises demonstrating how to u...

  12. Apple Greats: Delicious Apple Recipes, The Top 69 Apple Recipes

    Jo Franks
    Emereo Pty Ltd 2024

    You'll love this book, the recipes are easy, the ingredients are easy to get and they don't take long to make. Foodlovers turn to Apple Greats for information and inspiration. Th...

  13. An Introduction to Yoga

    Besant, Annie
    Duke Classics 2021

    Today, yoga is the province of trendy spas, suburban recreation centers, and personal trainers. However, in the early twentieth century, it was regarded as a serious spiritual prac...

  14. Stammering : Its Cause and Cure

    Bogue, Benjamin Nathaniel
    Duke Classics 2022

    Stammering and stuttering are speech disorders that often cause those who suffer from them a great deal of pain and embarrassment. Although modern medicine has devised its own take...

  15. The Fun of Getting Thin : How to Be Happy and Reduce the Waist Line

    Blythe, Samuel G.
    Duke Classics 2021

    Stuck with a few extra pounds around the middle? Feeling like the pudge will never budge? Twentieth-century fitness guru Samuel G. Blythe points out that losing weight doesn't have...

  16. How to Add Ten Years to your Life and to Double Its Satisfactions

    Curry, S. S.
    Duke Classics 2021

    How much stress are you putting on your body and mind by bottling up all of your anger, fear, and resentment? Have you ever wondered how your life might change for the better if yo...

  17. The Science of Being Well

    Wattles, Wallace D.
    Duke Classics 2022

    The Science of Being Well is from the author Wallace D. Wattles (1860 - 1911), whose work inspired the cult-phenomenon book and film "The Secret". He was a widely popular and pione...

  18. The Science of Breath : A Complete Manual of the Oriental Breathing Philosophy of Physical, Mental, Psychic and Spiritual Development

    Ramacharaka, Yogi
    Duke Classics 2022

    The Science of Breath points out the way to physical health along the lines of what Western scientists have termed "deep breathing," etc., but also goes into the less known phases...