The Last Waltz

    The Last Waltz / John Suchet

    The tale of two Waltz Kings: how the Strauss family took Europe by storm during the nineteenth century The Strauss family name is forever intertwined with Vienna - as is their music. Two generations of this remarkable family transformed and popularised the waltz, delighting all of Viennese society with their prolific compositions. But behind the melody lay a darker discord, as the Strausses tore themselves apart while Vienna itself struggled to secure its place in a rapidly changing world. In The Last Waltz John Suchet skilfully portrays this gripping story, capturing the family dramas, the tensions, triumphs and disasters, all set against the turbulent backdrop of Austria in the nineteenth century, from revolution to regicide. Discover the truth behind Vienna's extraordinary musical dynasty.

    Strauss, Johann Strauss, Josef Wien Itävälta 1800-luku

    Elliott & Thompson
    ENG EISBN:9781783961177