Ethical Justice

    Ethical Justice / Brent E. Turvey

    Ethics courses are a vital component of forensic science degree programs, and Ethical Justice is a resource specifically designed for instructors and students of forensic science and criminology. Case-based, and emphasizing practical ethical issues as opposed to ethics theory, this book provides a solid foundation in ethical dilemmas that can confront both students and professionals in the field. Encompassing issues arising in academia, law enforcement, and court and corrections systems, Ethical Justice is an inclusive, relevant work in applied ethics written by practitioners who also teach forensic science and criminology.

  • Serves as a valuable text for ethics courses in forensic science and criminology
  • Provides case studies to illustrate issues in real life situations
  • Includes online Instructor Manual, comprised of PowerPoint lecture slides, test bank and case reports; a student companion site will host chapter study questions and an...
  • Law Nonfiction Sociology

    Elsevier Science
    ENG EISBN:9780124046467