Dog tricks & agility for dummies / Sarah Hodgson

    Dog tricks & agility for dummies / Sarah Hodgson

    The fun and easy way to teach a dog new tricks

    Dog Tricks & Agility For Dummies (previously titled Dog Tricks For Dummies) makes trick and agility training fun for both you and your dog. You will learn to teach simple tricks, like tail wagging or barking on command to more complex tricks like fetching keys, your dog's dinner bowl, or the laundry. This hands-on guide provides the lowdown on the coolest dog tricks and offers expanded coverage on infusing the thrill of agility (whether for fun or competition) into your dog's life. *

    Push a cart or stroller, run an agility course, play Frisbee and fly ball, and put the toys away *

    Navigate all types of agility obstacles big and small, narrow and wide *

    Prepare your dog for canine good citizen certification *

    Determine if your dog can get involved in pet therapy and what's involved (i.e. nursing homes, children's centers, prisons, etc.) *

    Make your own agility obstacles at home and set up a course *

    Officially enter agility trials

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