Public libraries provide their users access to ejournals from several vendors. Some of the ejournals are freely available, others can be used in the library premises only or through remote access.

      • DIGI - National Library's Digital Collections, Journals: Free use 1,076,199 pages ( -1910) and copyright based material 4,615,997 pages (1911-1944).
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      • DIGI - National Library's Digital Collections, Newspapers: Free use 1,960,073 pages (1771-1910) and copyright based material 1,307,703 pages (1911-).
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      • EMagz: E-journal service where to read domestic magazines. Lehdet ovat digitaalisia näköisversioita eli samanlaisia kuin painetut lehdet. EMagz on hankittu joihinkin yleisiin kirjastoihin ja kokoelma vaihtelee kirjastoittain. Palvelua ei voi käyttää etänä.

      • ePress contains Finnish newspapers in a full-colour, full-page replica format. The service can only be used on the public computer workstations in the library.
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      • PressDisplay contains over 3 000 Finnish and foreign newspapers and journals which can be read in the premises of the subscribing libraries or logging in via library card.
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      • Zinio:Libraries provides access to almost 200 digital magazines in the original form for its cardholders through the Zinio magazine distribution service. The service is accessible through multiple devices and platforms, from home computers or on the library public access computers. The collection covers a wide range of topics: news, economy and science magazines, sports and music magazines as well as women's magazines and special magazines on e.g. home decor and interior design, gardening or boating and aviation.
        Note: use of the service requires a library card.
        Open connection (HelMet-libraries).
        Open connection (Lahti City Library).
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        Open connection (Blanka-libraries).
        Open connection (Sata-libraries: Eura, Harjavalta, Huittinen, Kankaanpää, Karvia, Kokemäki, Luvia, Merikarvia, Nakkila, Pori, Pomarkku, Säkylä ja Ulvila).
        Open connection (Rutakko-libraries: Iisalmi, Keitele, Kiuruvesi, Lapinlahti, Pielavesi, Sonkajärvi, Vieremä). Open connection (Lukki-libraries: Lohja, karkkila, Vihti).