Windows 8 for dummies

    Windows 8 for dummies / Andy Rathbone

    This 224-page, FULL COLOR book provides step-by-step instruction and insight from author and longtime Windows expert Andy Rathbone on the new features of Windows 8. Chapters cover:

    • Revealing Windows 8 - A quick overview of the basics and new features of Windows 8
    • The Mysterious New Start Screen - Help with navigaing and working with the brand new interface designed to run PCs and touchscreen devices.
    • The Traditional Desktop - Advice on how to find the familiar Windows interface, how to customize it for your needs, and what applications work with it.
    • Basic Desktop Windows Mechanics - A review of the steps to operating Windows, from opening apps to copying/pasting text to maximizing and minimizing windows.
    • Storage: Internal, External, and in the Sky - An overview of the file and data storage options in Windows 8 with a look at Microsoft's cloud service, SkyDrive.
    • Working with Apps - Coverage of Windows 8's new applications, including the Start screen's "live" apps that pull data from the Web and onto the Windows screen.
    • Engaging the Social Apps - A new feature in Windows 8, applications that work with social accounts to organize your contacts, messages, and activity from friends.
    • Entertaining Yourself through the Start Screen - An examination of applications that share photos, play music, and stream video to Windows 8.
    • Customizing Windows 8 and Computing Safely - A how-to on making Windows 8 look the way you want along with coverage on computing safely.
    • Ten Things You'll Hate about Windows 8 - Author Andy Rathbone identifies a list of 10 things sure to cause frustration with Windows 8 users and offers advice on how to overcome that frustration.

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