Lessons on Finnish grammar in English

    Lessons on Finnish grammar in English / Vuokko Heikura

    The original text of Lessons in Finnish Grammar was already in its third printing in July 2002. The author's own translation into Finnish, came out in 2003. The fourth printing of the English-language version came out in December 2007 under the title Lessons on Finnish Grammar in English. This printing did not involve any major amendments, however, although it was also produced as an e-book. The book consists of 193 pages interspersed with six colour photos depicting life in Sotkamo around the year 1990. When Vuokko Heikura, a native Finn who was about 60 at the time of year 2000, had to express her thoughts about the Finnish language directly in English, her mind went back to her school days, when she would exchange letters with penfriends abroad, and she imagined, that one of them said they wanted to learn Finnish. The result was a book intended for adults to teach themselves, which would be suitable not only for foreigners as a first (or last) 'Finnish for Foreigners' text book, but also for native speakers who had attended a Finnish-medium school and wished to revise their Finnish grammar in a new and refreshing way. The reader feels he has his very own private teacher who, using the first person, guides him through the Finnish language in such a way that in the end he understands the logic behind the structure of the language and also knows something about the differences between the spoken and written languages; and is ready, with the help of a dictionary, to tackle any Finnish text, and possibly the spoken word. Vuokko Heikura was made a member of the Finnish Association of Non-fiction Writers in October 2001 on the second printing of her book in English.

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