HRC / Jonathan Allen, Amie Parnes

    The mesmerizing story of Hillary Clinton's political rebirth, based on eyewitness accounts from deep inside her inner circleHillary Clinton's surprising defeat in the 2008 Democratic primary brought her to the nadir of her political career, vanquished by a much younger opponent whose message of change and cutting-edge tech team ran circles around her stodgy campaign. And yet, six years later, she has reemerged as an even more powerful and influential figure, a formidable stateswoman and the presumed front-runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, marking one of the great political comebacks in history. The story of Hillary's phoenixlike rise is at the heart of HRC, a riveting political biography that journeys into the heart of "Hillaryland" to discover a brilliant strategist at work. Masterfully unfolded by Politico's Jonathan Allen and The Hill's Amie Parnes from more than two hundred top-access interviews with...

    Biography & Autobiography Politics Women's Studies Nonfiction dynasty liberal journalist 2008 Biography Senate cabinet Iowa Bill Clinton America Capitol female president Operator Barack Obama Hillary Rodham Clinton secretary of state Clinton Journalism women Congress United States Arkansas New York Foreign relations Foreign Policy senator Democrat Presidency campaign Hillary USA rivals politico 2016 balanced capitol hill chappaqua department of state front-runner patty solis-doyle poltical potus running for president the hill william jefferson clinton

    ENG EISBN:9780804136761