Drums For Dummies

    Drums For Dummies / Jeff Strong

    Get down with rock, R&B, jazz, blues, funk, and Latin rhythms! Groove to the beat in no time with this ultimate rockin' guide! Whether you're dreaming of starting a band, striking the snares, or simply playing a hand drum, this interactive book-and-CD package makes it easy to pick up the basics. Complete with new information on contemporary rock styles and beats as well as rhythms from around the world, this guide is all you need to become a talented, versatile drummer. Discover how to * Bang out basic rhythms --with or without sticks * Understand fundamental drumming techniques * Explore other percussion instruments * Find the perfect drum set * Purchase, tune, and maintain your drums All this on the CD-Rom * MP3 files of each rhythm and beat that you can play along with * Rhythms for hand drums -- from the bongos and congas to the surdo, tar, and udu * Solos to amaze the other members in the band

    MUSIC / Musical Instruments / Percussion MUS023020 drums instrumental schools instrumentskolor rummut soitonoppaat

    John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 2.edition
    ENG EISBN:9780470087930

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