Big in Asia : 25 strategies for business success

    Big in Asia : 25 strategies for business success / Michael Backman, Charlotte Butler

    Companies operating in post-crisis Asia find themselves confronted by obstacles that hinder development and progress. Written by two leading analysts, this book identifies the transformation of the competitive landscape in Asia. By focusing on the main difficulties faced by companies it provides a series of strategies for business success and show how to avoid failure in Asia. This is an essential guide for companies who wish to make it big in Asia. Contents: Part I: HIT THE GROUND RUNNING Strategy 1: Information is Power Strategy 2: Know the Firm, Know the Family: Dealing with Asian Firms Strategy 3: Understand Asia's Overseas Chinese Strategy 4: Understand Asia's Overseas Indians Strategy 5: Dealing with Information Ambiguity, Local Consultants & Accounting Firms Part II: ON THE GROUND Strategy 6: Network like a Local; Negotiate like a Westerner Strategy 7: Taking the M&A Route? Strategy 8: Managing the Partnership with the Southeast Asian Firm Strategy 9: Managing the Partnership with the Northeast Asian Firm Strategy 10: Avoid Post-Acquisition Trauma Part III: BUILDING UP Strategy 11: Send the Right People Strategy 12: Cross the Cultural Divide Strategy 13: Managing Change Strategy 14: Intellectual Property Abuse: Contain the Risks Strategy 15: Selling Consulting Services in Asia Part IV: STAYING UP Strategy 16: Tilt the Playing Field Strategy 17: 'Think Global; Act Local' - but how far? Strategy 18: Caveat Emptor: Beware the Banks of Asia Strategy 19: Avoid Blood Loss as a Minority Shareholder Strategy 20: China! Cut through the Gloss Part V: STAYING CLEAN Strategy 21: Negotiate the Law in Asia: Bankruptcy, Contracts & Defamation Strategy 22: Ethical Traps on the Road to being Big in Asia Strategy 23: Corruption: The Business Practice that Dare not Speak its Name Strategy 24: Dancing with the Devil: Doing Business with Asia's Politicians and their Families Strategy 25: When things go Wrong... Author Biographies: MICHAEL BACKMAN is an author, business analyst and columnist who specialises in Asian corporate practice. He has a reputation for hard-hitting, independent and highly detailed Asian business analysis. Singapore's Prime Minister cited him in his 1998 National Day Address as an 'expert' on overseas Chinese and he has been described in the Australian Financial Review as 'the brilliant writer on regional business strategies.' He is the author of the international bestseller, Asian Eclipse: Exposing the Dark Side of Business in Asia that was named by the Economist as one of the sixteen finest general non-fiction books published for the year. He writes a regular Asian business column for the Melbourne Age newspaper and has authored numerous articles for The Times of London, International Herald Tribune, Asian Wall Street Journal, and the Far Eastern Economic Review. He has lived and worked in Asia. CHARLOTTE BUTLER heads the research team at the Euro-Asia Centre, INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. Her extensive research output over the last ten years has centred on a range of management issues in the Asia-Pacific region covering strategy, marketing and organisational development. In particular, her field-based work focuses on the growth of entrepreneurial firms in Asia, and the influence of cross-cultural issues on joint ventures in the region. Most recently, she has investigated managing change with reference to the Asian economic crisis, and the subsequent restructuring of the region's industries. A winner in the 2001 International MBA Case Competition, Charlotte Butler has published over fifty case studies and articles that are used by both students and practitioners of business. She is also co-author of Managers & Mantras, published in 2000 and praised for its ability to address a range of management issues within the context of telling a fascinating story of one company's quest for survival. Her latest book, Dare to Do, charts the evolution of a leading Asian conglomerate. Printing of the book is limited to 10 pages per day.

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