An Introduction to Sociology, Third Edition

    An Introduction to Sociology, Third Edition / Melissa Tyler

    This third edition of An Introduction to Sociology: Feminist Perspectives reaffirms the contribution of feminist perspectives and research to sociology and introduces students and readers to the wide range of feminist contributions to key areas of sociological concern. This completely revised edition includes updated and expanded theoretical and empirical material as well as two new chapters on sexuality and media culture. The book begins with a consideration of the relationship between feminism and the sociological imagination, focusing on the feminist critique of malestream sociology. It then considers feminist sociological theory, taking account of debates and issues relating to post-feminism and post-colonialism. Various sociological themes are considered from a broad range of feminist perspectives and in the light of current feminist research, including: stratification and inequality, education, the life course, the family and the household, health, illness and caring, sexuality, crime and criminal justice, politics, the mass media and popular culture, and feminist knowledge.

    sociology media culture feminism

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    ENG EISBN:0203489942