A New Atlas - Section VI: Finno-Ugric Peoples and Languages

    A New Atlas - Section VI: Finno-Ugric Peoples and Languages / Kalevi Wiik

    A new atlas on the origins and early history of the Europeans - Section VI: Finno-Ugric peoples and languages The Atlas consists of 143 essential questions about the origins and early history of the Europeans. The answers are given in about 250 colour maps and verbal explanations. The maps are of three kinds: archaeological, genetic, and linguistic. In the Atlas, all the essential European peoples and languages are represented. The treatment of Norhtern, Central, and Eastern Europe is, however, somewhat more detailed than that of Western and Southern Europe. The main issue of the Atlas is the origins of the peoples of the two largest language groups, those speaking Indo-European and Finno-Ugric (Uralic) languages. The Atlas is based on a Finnish book called ”Eurooppalaisten juuret” (”The Roots of the Europeans”). The book came out in Finland in October 2002, and it immediately called forth unpresinted public attention in Finland and Estonia. The book was elected among the six best informative books (Tieto-Finlandia) in Finland in 2003, and it was elected among the five best history books in the country by the History Fans’ Association (Historian Ystäväin Liitto) in the same year. Most of the maps of the Atlas are from ”The Roots of the Europeans”. The book is being translated into English and it will come out during the first months of 2004. In the meanwhile, the main message of the book can be read in an easy way in the maps of the Atlas. The legends of the maps are all in English. Click here to see a demo version of the book.

    Europeans origin habitation population history of language prehistory kindred languages Finno-Ugric languages

    Kalevi Wiik 1.edition
    ENG EISBN:9529915772

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