The Power of Meditation

    The Power of Meditation / Edward Viljoen, Tim Andres Pabon (audiobook)

    This wise and delightful guide to the benefits of meditation practices will help listeners cultivate a calm, peaceful, and enlightened lifestyle. Drawing from his years of experience as a teacher, spiritual leader, and avid meditator, Edward Viljoen directs listeners down the path to enlightenment using wisdom such as:

    • Mindfulness practices-Train yourself to become absorbed in a purposefully chosen activity.
    • Sitting practices-Reduce the use of mental and physical resources as much as possible by sitting still and silently.
    • Creative practices-Employ such devices as journaling, observing, and focusing on a favorite literary or spiritual passage.
    Featuring personal anecdotes and stories from the author's spiritual teachings, The Power of Meditation goes beyond a simple how-to book and offers a wonderful listening experience that will inspire listeners to live more wise and fulfilling lives.

    Self-Improvement Nonfiction meditations mindfulness

    Gildan Audio
    ENG EISBN:9781469056609