The Monuments Men

    The Monuments Men / Robert M. Edsel (audiobook)

    As Hitler was attempting to conquer the countries of Europe, and Russia, his armies were methodically pillaging the finest cultural treasures in Europe. The Monuments Men had a mandate from President Roosevelt and the support of General Eisenhower, but no vehicles, gasoline, typewriters, food supplies, or command authority. These unlikely heroes, volunteered for service and like other members of the Greatest Generation, embodied the heroic spirit that enabled the best of humanity to defeat the worst.

    liittoutuneet taideteokset etsintä 1944-1945 sotasaaliit natsit kulttuuriperintö pelastus historia kulttuuriesineet ryöstö toinen maailmansota aarteet varkaus henkilöhistoria

    Macmillan Audio
    ENG EISBN:97814272193501

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