Savage Spawn

    Savage Spawn / Jonathan Kellerman, Richard Gilliland (audiobook)

    THE #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR AND CHIEL PSYCHOLOGIST EXPLORES A DISTURBING AND INCREASINGLY COMMON TREND: CHILDREN WHO KILL. As the recent tragedies in Oregon, Arkansas, and Colorado Have shown, children as young as eight years old are capable of murder and violence. No community is safe from this tragic phenomenon, and experts ranging from law enforcement officials to guidance counselors are confused and conflicted about how to approach it. Now bestselling novelist Jonathan Kellerman returns to his roots as a scientist and child psychologist to dissect a problem that is attacking the core of our society: dangerous children who, in all likelihood, will grow up to be dangerous adults. Kellerman explores the "nature v. nurture" theory, discusses the legal and psychological ramification of treating such children as adult criminals, and tackles, with surprising results, the popular idea that violence in the media is to blame...

    Psychology Nonfiction

    Phoenix Books, Inc.
    ENG EISBN:1597774316

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