Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, Revisited, Volume 1

    Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, Revisited, Volume 1 / Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm, Wilhelm Carl Grimm, Ulf Bjorklund (audiobook)

    Let yourself be transported back to "Once Upon A Time" with these engaging fables from the Brothers Grimm. These are magical adventures from the original storytellers, beloved throughout the world and passed down through the centuries - captured here in high quality audio. From Rumpelstiltskin to Snow-White, visit the world of the cautionary tales of Germanic folklore that inspired the modern fairy tales of your

    Classic Literature Juvenile Fiction Literary Anthologies Folklore tailor dummling woods Rumplestiltskin briar Tales childhood Rose life tradition water Red Fairy time bearskin thumbling german Swans snow white Upon feathers once stories Grimm Brothers

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    ENG EISBN:97819364552871