A Change of Hearts

    A Change of Hearts / Barbara Cartland, narrator Anthony Wren (audiobook)

    Neisa Moore is the beautiful daughter of a Vicar and she lives a quiet and secluded life in the country with her father. Her cousin, Carol Waverton has led a very different life in America with her immensely rich father, but when Carol comes to London for the Season, she is pursued by fortune-hunters only interested in her money. As Carol is so disenchanted, she persuades Neisa to change places with her when she is invited with a friend for a weekend house party with Sheldon, the Marquis of Denholme, who has planned a steeplechase for his guests. Neisa arrives at Denholme Park disguised as the rich heiress and Carol as the Vicar's daughter. Then unexpectedly Neisa overhears a dastardly plot to assassinate the Marquis during the steeplechase and is able to warn him just in time. Both girls fall in love over the weekend and have to leave early when the pressure on them becomes too great.
    Saga Egmont 1.edition
    ENG EISBN:9788711925362
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