Writing through music essays on music, culture and politics

    Writing through music essays on music, culture and politics / Jann Pasler, George Lewis

    List of Illustrations List of Musical Examples Introduction I. Time, Narrative, and Memory 1. Narrative and Narrativity in Music 2. Postmodernism, Narrativity, and the Art of Memory 3. Resituating the Spectral Revolution: French Antecedents II. Self-Fashioning 4. Deconstructing d'Indy, or the Problem of a Composer's Reputation 5. New Music as Confrontation: the Musical Sources of Cocteau's Identity 6. Inventing a tradition: John Cage's Composition in Retrospect III. Identity and Nation 7. Pelleas and Power: Forces behind the Reception of Debussy's Opera 8. The Ironies of Gender, or Virility and Politics in the Music of Augusta Holmes 9. Race, Orientalism, and Distinction in the Wake of the Yellow Peril IV. Patrons and Patronage 10. Countess Greffulhe as Entrepreneur: Negotiating Class, Gender, and Nation 11. The Political Economy of Composition in the American University, 1965-1985 V. The Everyday Life of the Past 12. Concert Programs and their Narratives as Emblems of Ideology 13. Material Culture and Postmodern Positivism: Rethinking the "Popular" in late-nineteenth-century French Music Copying to clipboard limited to 5 samples
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