True Detective and Philosophy: A Deeper Kind of Darkness

    True Detective and Philosophy: A Deeper Kind of Darkness / William Irwin, Jacob Graham, Tom Sparrow

    Investigating the trail of philosophical leads in HBO’s chilling True Detective series, an elite team of philosophers examine far-reaching riddles including human pessimism, Rust’s anti-natalism, the problem of evil, and the ‘flat circle’.

    • The first book dedicated to exploring the far-reaching philosophical questions behind the darkly complex and Emmy-nominated HBO True Detective series
    • Explores in a fun but insightful way the rich philosophical and existential experiences that arise from this gripping show
    • Gives new perspectives on the characters in the series, its storylines, and its themes by investigating core questions such as:  Why Life Rather Than Death? Cosmic Horror and Hopeful Pessimism, the Illusion of Self, Noir, Tragedy, Philosopher-Detectives, and much, much more
    • Draws together an elite team of philosophers to shine new light on why this genre-expanding show has inspired such a fervently questioning fan-base

    Film Studies Popular Culture cosmology badness view of life suffering philosophy lying (dishonesty) phenomenology television series secrets sensitivity fatalism determinism (philosophy)

    John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 1.painos
    ENG EISBN:9781119280828