The Magical Falcon 2 : The Falcon in Chains

    The Magical Falcon 2 : The Falcon in Chains / Peter Gotthardt, translator Christoffer Thomas

    Sigurd, Sandra, and Monika are happy when Prince Carvallo visits them and takes them on a new adventure to a strange world. But as soon as they arrive, Carvallo is caught and taken to the chilling fortress Isengrim. If his friends are to rescue him, they first must learn the secret of the fortress. The series about the magical falcon is written by Peter Gotthardt and illustrated by Jan Solheim. Read the other books in the series about The Magical Falcon: The Mad Sorceress The Demon Queen The Dragon King's Daughter

    curses adventure literature adventure magic objects charms (magic) clans witches series of stories superstition swords revenge falcons

    Saga Egmont 1.painos
    ENG EISBN:9788711742129

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