The Lighter Side of Finland (6th Edition)

    The Lighter Side of Finland (6th Edition) / Russell Snyder

    The Lighter Side of Finland is celebrating its 22nd anniversary. The idea was to examine the Finnish culture and society through humor and facts. We believe this idea was a success, so every few years the book has been updated and revised to keep up with an ever-changing Finland.
    Finland is celebrating its 100-year anniversary of becoming an independent nation. It was a long, difficult struggle to achieve freedom, but it finally came in 1917. During the years that followed, the new country faced problems, threats and downfalls. It also observed times of development, progress and prosperity. And now, Finland has been acclaimed by researchers and journalists as an excellent place to live, work, do business and raise a family.
    We hope the 6th edition of The Lighter Side of Finland will bring you laughter, entertainment and enlightenment.

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