THE LANGUAGES OF FINLAND 1917–2017 / Fred Karlsson, Vesa Koivisto

    "In 1990 there were 25,000 foreign language speakers in Finland. By the beginning of 2017, around 354,000 people from around the world had immigrated. They speak around five hundred different languages in total. There are now more speakers of these languages in Finland than speakers of Finland’s traditional small language groups..." LINGUISTIC LANDSCAPE OVER THE PERIOD OF INDEPENDENCE — MULTIMEDIA PUBLICATION IN THREE LANGUAGES Professor Emeritus Fred Karlsson’s work, The Languages of Finland 1917-2017, is an integrative presentation of languages and linguistic landscape over the period of Finland’s independence. The work also highlights current driving forces of change in the area of languages, the causes and effects as well as possible sore points. This succinct language book for Finland’s centennial year features our familiar national languages and their different phases. The work also builds a 100-year perspective on so-called official and foreign languages. What are they and how has their status developed? The series of The Languages of Finland 1917-2017 titles and the multimedia publication published in Finnish, Swedish and English are part of Finland’s centennial programme and can be read in addition to paperback and web versions as an e-book and via Twitter.

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