The Insider's Guide To Creating Comics And Graphic Novels

    The Insider's Guide To Creating Comics And Graphic Novels / Andy Schmidt

    From the creative minds behind your favorite modern-day comics ..

    In this unprecedented, behind-the-scenes guide, former Marvel editor and current IDW senior editor Andy Schmidt and his superstar industry friends give you the inside track on creating engaging, professional-looking comic books.

    Written for upcoming creative stars and comic book enthusiasts, The Insider's Guide to Comics and Graphic Novels covers the entire creative process from beginning to end, from fine-tuning a script to the nuances of camera angles, costume design and lettering. You'll learn not only how to emulate a camera pan, hit 'em with a splash page and shift into slow motion, but also WHEN and WHY to dip into that bag of graphic tricks for maximum impact.

    The real-world guide to creating great comics!

  • Profiles and insights from John Romita, Jr., Neal Adams, Gene Ha, David Finch and John Byrne
  • Professional advice from top talents in the business, including writers...
  • Art Nonfiction

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