Shakespeare's Macbeth the manga edition

    Shakespeare's Macbeth the manga edition / Adam Sexton, Eve Grandt, Candice Chow, William Shakespeare

    Witches and prophesies. Fate and fortune.. Murders and atrocities. Insomnia and insanity. Unchecked aspirations and even decapitation. Power-crazed and convinced of his own invincibility, Macbeth, the Scottish war hero, turns into a serial killer, annihilating anybody who gets in his way.

    A four-page introduction gets you involved, and an abridged text makes the action fast-paced. The text is true to Shakespeare’s original language, setting, and time. This manga edition gets you quickly engrossed in Macbeth’s blood-soaked path to power.

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    ENG EISBN:9780470285749