Pocket apocalypse

    Pocket apocalypse / Seanan McGuire, Inc OverDrive

    Alexander Price has survived gorgons, basilisks, and his own family--no small feat, considering that his family includes two telepaths, a reanimated corpse, and a colony of talking, pantheistic mice. Still, he's starting to feel like he's got the hang of things...at least until his girlfriend, Shelby Tanner, shows up asking pointed questions about werewolves and the state of his passport. From there, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to Australia, a continent filled with new challenges, new dangers, and yes, rival cryptozoologists who don't like their "visiting expert" very much.

    Price, Alex biologit yliluonnolliset olennot satuolennot hirviöt ihmissudet salaseurat

    ENG EISBN:9781101602409

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