On To Mars!

    On To Mars! / Vladimir PLETSER

    Table of contentsPart I. The Arctic1. The Arctic BeforeVladimir Pletser2. The Arctic During—Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station DiaryVladimir Pletser3. The Arctic After—What Have We Learned from This Simulation?Vladimir PletserPart II. The Desert4. The Desert BeforeVladimir Pletser5. The Desert During—Mars Desert Research Station DiaryVladimir Pletser6. The Desert After—The Last Day and the ReturnVladimir Pletser7. What Did We Learn from This New Simulation?Vladimir PletserPart III. The Desert Reload8. The Desert Reload—BeforeVladimir Pletser9. The Desert Reload—DuringVladimir Pletser10. The Desert Reload—AfterVladimir PletserPart IV. Mars Tomorrow11. Mars TomorrowVladimir Pletser

    Popular Science Popular Science in Astronomy Space Sciences (including Extraterrestrial Physics Space Exploration and Astronautics)

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    ENG EISBN:9789811070303

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