Java for dummies

    Java for dummies / Barry Burd

    The top-selling beginning Java book is now fully updated for Java 7!

    Java is the platform-independent, object-oriented programming language used for developing web and mobile applications. The revised version offers new functionality and features that have programmers excited, and this popular guide covers them all. This book helps programmers create basic Java objects and learn when they can reuse existing code. It's just what inexperienced Java developers need to get going quickly with Java 2 Standard Edition 7.0 (J2SE 7.0) and Java Development Kit 7.0 (JDK 7).

    • Explores how the new version of Java offers more robust functionality and new features such as closures to keep Java competitive with more syntax-friendly languages like Python and Ruby
    • Covers object-oriented programming basics with Java, code reuse, the essentials of creating a Java program using...

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