Hormones, Metabolism and the Benefits of Exercise

    Hormones, Metabolism and the Benefits of Exercise / Bruce Spiegelman

    Table of contents1. Human Brown Adipose Tissue Plasticity: Hormonal and Environmental ManipulationFrancesco S. Celi2. The Energy Sensor AMPK: Adaptations to Exercise, Nutritional and Hormonal SignalsBenoit Viollet3. Plasma Steroids and Cardiorespiratory Fitness Response to Regular ExerciseZihong He, Tuomo Rankinen, Arthur S. Leon, James S. Skinner, André Tchernof, Claude Bouchard4. Sending the Signal: Muscle Glycogen Availability as a Regulator of Training AdaptationJohn A. Hawley5. Optimized Engagement of Macrophages and Satellite Cells in the Repair and Regeneration of Exercised MuscleRegula Furrer, Christoph Handschin6. Skeletal Muscle microRNAs: Roles in Differentiation, Disease and ExerciseRasmus J. O. Sjögren, Magnus H. L. Lindgren Niss, Anna Krook7. Tryptophan-Kynurenine Metabolites in Exercise and Mental HealthPaula Valente-Silva, Jorge Lira Ruas8. The Role of FNDC5/Irisin in the Nervous System and as a Mediator for Beneficial Effects of Exercise on the BrainMohammad Rashedul Islam, Michael F. Young, Christiane D. Wrann

    Biomedicine Molecular Medicine Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Endocrinology Cardiology Diabetes Metabolic Diseases lipoproteins endothelial cells physiologists gene expression adipose tissues glucose muscle strength body composition insulin overtraining recovery (return) condition

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