Flipped Learning in Finland

    Flipped Learning in Finland / Marika Toivola, Pekka Peura, Markus Humaloja

    The new book Flipped Learning in Finland provides an introduction to the concepts, theoretic background and practical implementation of flipped learning. The Finnish school system is characterised by a powerful myth of how learning at school takes place. This book challenges the prevailing myth and presents a new, flipped learning. Flipped learning has a strong practical foundation. It emphasises a human approach to learning and the student's freedom to learn. In flipped learning, teachers have more time to communicate with their students as individuals, and the students can tap into the teacher's know-how as a route to self-motivation. The book challenges teachers to develop their teaching towards a student-oriented culture of learning. The authors are the most widely recognised advocates and developers of flipped learning in Finland. Themes discussed in the book: 1 A new myth of learning 2 Defining flipped learning 3 Motivation 4 Collaborative learning 5 Practices and tools for organising flipped learning 6 The teacher’s role

    student learning active learning student evaluation learning environment curriculum reform teaching methods learning process computer-assisted learning audiovisual teaching aids online study material learning styles pedagogy educational methods group instruction adult education teaching teaching and instruction homework flipped classroom pedagogy of higher education

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