Film Music: A History

    Film Music: A History / James Wierzbicki

    Preface Acknowledgments Chapter One: Introduction Part One: Music and the "Silent" Film (1894–1927) Chapter Two: Origins, 1894–1905 Chapter Three: The Nickelodeon, 1905–1915 Chapter Four: Feature Films, 1915–1927 Part Two: Music and the Early Sound Film (1894–1933) Chapter Five: The Long Advent of Sound, 1894–1926 Chapter Six: Vitaphone and Movietone, 1926–1928 Chapter Seven: Early Sound Films, 1928–1933 Part Three: Music in the ‘Classical-Style’ Hollywood Film (1933–1960) Chapter Eight: The ‘Golden Age’ of Film Music, 1933–1949 Chapter Nine: Post-War Innovations and the Struggle for Survival, 1949–1958 Part Four: Film Music in the Post-Classic Period (1958–2008) Chapter Ten: A ‘New Wave’ of Film Music, 1958–1978 Chapter Eleven: Eclecticism, 1978–2001 Chapter Twelve: Epilogue, 2001–2008

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