Erementar Gerade, Volume 1

    Erementar Gerade, Volume 1 / Mayumi Azuma

    During a routine raid, sky pirate Coud Van Giruet discovers a most unusual bounty: Ren, an "Edel Raid", is a living weapon who interacts with a human to become the ultimate fighting machine. But when Ren is captured by an evil Edel Raid dealer named Beazon, Coud quickly realizes that she is even more prized than he first thought. Ren's only chance of rescue lies with Coud and the agents of Arc Aile! The long-awaited manga series that launched the hugely popular anime franchise is finally here!

    Comic and Graphic Books Fantasy Science Fiction &Fantasy Young Adult Fiction

    Digital Manga Publishing
    ENG EISBN:9781613131404