Charismatic Christianity in Finland, Norway, and Sweden

    Charismatic Christianity in Finland, Norway, and Sweden / Jessica Moberg, Jane Skjoldli

    Table of contents1. IntroductionJessica Moberg, Jane SkjoldliPart 1. Historical Perspectives on the Early Pentecostal Movement2. Paving the Way for Pentecostalism: A Historical Exploration of Post-Reformation Revivals in NorwayAnne Stensvold3. The Norwegian Pentecostal Foreign Mission: A Survey of Mission History with an Emphasis on Organization, Expansion, and GenderLisbeth MikaelssonPart 2. Internal Dynamics4. In the Wake of God’s Fire: Transforming Charisma and Charismata in the Reconstruction of a Local ChurchJane Skjoldli5. The Finnish Pentecostal Movement: An Analysis of Internal Struggle as a Process of Habitual DivisionTeemu T. Mantsinen6. Knutby Filadelfia: A Schismatic New Religious Movement Within the Pentecostal ContextLiselotte FriskPart 3. Novelties and Contemporary Innovation7. Faith Healing Revisited: A Charismatic Christian Intervention to the Therapy Culture in FinlandTuija Hovi8. Sharing and Holy Hugs: The Birth and Development of Intimization in Charismatic StockholmJessica Moberg9. Televangelism in Sweden—Now? Is Channel 10 in Älmhult in Fact a Telechurch?Jan-Åke Alvarsson10. Postscript: Embers from a Global FireJessica Moberg, Jane Skjoldli

    Religious Studies Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism European Culture European History charismatic movements revivalist movements Pentecostal movement charisma Pentecost religious movements Holy Spirit evangelicalism churches (organisations) church (phenomena) missiology

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