Business performance measurement and management : new contents, themes and challenges

    Business performance measurement and management : new contents, themes and challenges / Paolo Taticchi

    Table of contents

    1. Performance Measurement and Management in Smes: Discussion of Preliminar Results from an Italian Survey
    Paolo Taticchi, Andrea Asfalti, Francesco Sole

    2. New Integrated Information Systems and Management Control Change in Small and Medium Enterprises
    Maria Pia Maraghini

    3. A Framework for Evaluating Enterprise Network Performances
    Luca Cagnazzo, Lorenzo Tiacci, Stefano Saetta

    4. Performance Analysis of Rfid Applications in Cold Chain Management
    Alessandra Rollo, Maria Grazia Gnoni

    5. A Performance Measurement System for Racing Teams: An Exploratory Study in an Unresearched Context
    Francesco Mastrandrea, Paolo Taticchi

    6. How Small Firms in the High Quality Food Sector Can Improve Their Business Performance: The Ligurian Oil Case Study
    Giorgio Locatelli, Mauro Mancini

    7. How to Use Different Measures for Different Purposes: A Holistic Performance Management Model for Public Organizations
    Francesco Sole, Giovanni Schiuma

    8. Using Qualitative System Dynamics to Enhance the Performance Measurement of Sustainability
    Cristiana Parisi

    9. Operationalising Sustainability: How Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Translate Social and Environmental Issues into Practice
    Cristiana Parisi, Maria Pia Maraghini

    10. Supplier Performance Evaluation for Green Supply Chain Management
    Roberto Maria Grisi, Luigi Guerra, Giuseppe Naviglio

    11. A Synthetic Measure for the Assessment of the Project Performance
    Antonella Certa, Mario Enea, Antonio Giallanza

    12. A Project Manager Suitability Parameter in Project Accomplishment
    Antonella Certa, Mario Enea, Giacomo Galante, Manuela Fata

    13. The Dilemma of Performance Appraisal
    Peter Prowse, Julie Prowse

    14. Risk in Supply Networks: The Case of Aeronautical Firms
    Roberto Maria Grisi, Teresa Murino, Pasquale Zoppoli

    15. A Framework for Performance Measurement and Management Based on Axiomatic Design and Analytical Hierarchy Process
    Paolo Taticchi, Luca Cagnazzo, Marco Santantonio, Flavio Tonelli

    16. Designing and Implementing Performance Management Systems
    Veronika Packová, Peter Karácsóny

    17. The Three-Stage Evolution of Full Cost Accounting in Business Economics
    Fabio Santini

    18. The Measurement System Analysis as a Performance Improvement Catalyst:A Case Study
    Luca Cagnazzo, Tatjana Sibalija, Vidosav Majstorovic

    19. Multi-Echelon Inventory Performance Evaluation: The Case of a Communications Company
    Mosè Gallo, Luigi Guerra, Giuseppe Naviglio

    20. Alignment of Strategy-Managerial Characteristics and Performance at the Functional Level in Dubai Local Government
    Ali Sebaa, James Wallace, Nelarine Cornelius

    21. Understanding Organisational Knowledge-Based Value Creation Dynamics: A Systems Thinking Approach
    Francesco Sole, Daniela Carlucci, Giovanni Schiuma

    22. Neural Networks and Regressive KPI Metamodels for Business Corporate Management: Methodology and Case Study
    Roberto Revetria, Flavio Tonelli

    23. Performance Measurement Systems and Organisational Culture: Interpreting Processes of Unlearning and Change
    Cristiano Busco, Angelo Riccaboni

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