Brand Culture

    Brand Culture / Miriam Salzer-Mörling

    Brands occupy an increasingly prominent place in the managerial mind as well as in the cultural landscape. Recent research has shown that brands are interpreted in multiple ways, prompting an important and illuminating reconsideration of how branding ‘works’, and shifting attention from brand producers toward consumer response to understand how branding interacts with consumers to create meaning. Largely missing from these insights, however, is an awareness of basic cultural processes that affect contemporary brands, including historical context, ethical concerns, and consumer response. Neither managers nor consumers completely control brand image and corporate identity— cultural codes constrain how brands work to produce meaning. Brand Culture places brands firmly within culture to look at the complex underpinnings of branding processes. The reader will find case studies of iconic global brands like Benetton, LEGO, and Ryanair, practical managerial advice, as well as thoughtful analyses of brand concepts and strategic brand management by leading brand researchers, including John M.T. Balmer, Stephen Brown, Mary Jo Hatch, Jean-Noël Kapferer, Majken Schultz, and Richard Elliott. Topics covered include: ■ the role of consumption ■ brand management ■ corporate branding ■ branding ethics ■ the role of advertising. Brand Culture offers a thoughtful update on brands from a cultural and managerial perspective for all students and scholars interested in brands, consumers, and the broader cultural domain that surrounds them.

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