Ancient Egypt Investigated

    Ancient Egypt Investigated / Thomas Schneider

    How well do we really know ancient Egypt? The world of the Egyptians seems so familiar to us: exhibitions of ancient art and archaeological discoveries in the desert sands continue to generate interest and amazement, while Egyptian motifs appear in architecture, in literature, in art works, in advertising and in films. And yet, so much of what we take for granted is based on quite wildly inaccurate information that has been spreading since the days of classical antiquity and the Renaissance. It is only in the last 200 years that we have even been able to read for ourselves the writings of the ancient Egyptians - so it is hardly surprising that the myths which have built up in the preceding 2,000 years are so tough to dispel. But this is what the internationally acclaimed Egyptologist Thomas Schneider here attempts to do: he asks "What are the 101 single most important questions about ancient Egypt?" The questions he has chosen - and the answers he provides - challenge almost...

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    ENG EISBN:9780857734099

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