The Castle - (Barbara Cartland s Pink Collection ; 76)

    The Castle - (Barbara Cartland s Pink Collection ; 76) / Barbara Cartland, narrator Anthony Wren (äänikirja)

    Valeria Montford is beautiful, proud and romantic. When she meets the reticent Lord Waterford in France, everything goes wrong and she hates him for making her feel humiliated. Then she meets Sir Peter Cousins - devastatingly handsome, he is much more exciting and appears strongly attracted to her. Back in England, Valeria's beloved father tells her that a cad has defrauded him of his fortune and that she is his only chance of escaping penury. The rich Lord Waterford has offered to marry her and free him from his debts. Valeria is faced with the most difficult decision of her life. She would do anything for her Papa, but the idea of marriage to Lord Waterford definitely does not appeal in any way. Lord Waterford suggests that she helps him restore his Castle where she unexpectedly meets Sir Peter and he kisses her passionately. All too soon she suspects Lord Waterford has a secret, Sir Peter and Lord Waterford come to blows and Valeria's heart is thrown into confusion. In London for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, disaster strikes. Just as Valeria comes to understand the true nature of love, it seems that she has lost all chance of happiness. What then happens is told in this enthralling and romantic novel by BARBARA CARTLAND.
    Saga Egmont 1.painos
    ENG EISBN:9788711925515
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