It is Love

    It is Love / Barbara Cartland, narrator Anthony Wren (äänikirja)

    Michael Belmont is heir to an Earldom, but he is also the family black sheep, a charming gambler leading a dissolute life in France. He has quarrelled with his father, who has threatened to disinherit him. When he reads in a newspaper that his father has died, he does not even have enough money for his fare home. But then he meets the beautiful young Lady Verna, seeking a chauffeur to drive her car home to England. Michael volunteers and while they are on the journey he falls under her spell. He knows that his love for her will reform him and suddenly there is brilliant new hope in his life. But his father has carried out his threat. Michael is now an Earl, but a poor man and Verna's father forbids their marriage. The obstacles they have to face, the plots of Michael's wicked brother, the terrible sacrifice Verna is prepared to make, and how their love is so nearly thwarted, are all here in this exciting romantic novel by BARBARA CARTLAND.

    widows and widowers pocket books politicians upper class family sagas (novels) love nobility historical novels victims inheritances romantic novels girls

    Saga Egmont 1.painos
    ENG EISBN:9788711925379
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