Finnish Course (from Arabic)

    Finnish Course (from Arabic) / Ann-Charlotte Wennerholm (äänikirja)

    Finnish Basic Course.


    Listen: Hear a phrase first in Arabic and then twice in Finnish

    Repeat: Practice at your own pace and learn the pronunciation

    Learn: You may begin to start using your new language within a few exercises

    This is a bilingual (Arabic to Finnish) downloadable course in Finnish.

    The course contains of 3 hours MP3/AAC-file downloaded recorded material and 2 course booklets in PDF-format.

    The textbooks follow the chapters of the recording.

    This introductory course is both in English and Russian and contains the following 37 chapters:

    1. Common expressions – when you meet someone

    2. The cardinal numbers

    3. The ordinal numbers

    4. The time

    5. The days of the week

    6. The months

    7. The seasons

    8. The weather

    9. The colours

    10. By train

    11. By air

    12. At the airport

    13. At passport control / at customs

    14. At the hotel

    15. Breakfast

    16. Renting a car

    17. At garage/ at the petrol station


    suomen kieli

    ARA EISBN:9789173618861