Comrades of War

    Comrades of War / Sven Hassel, Samy Anersesen - Narrator (äänikirja)

    We hear the crawlers closing in. A T-34. They must have seen us, Tiny whispers. - Stay low until it is right here, then we run! The horrible clattering of the crawler comes closer and closer. I know this fear, creeping up the spine. It will mean certain death if they run just one second too soon. How we get up, I don't know, the legs move automatically. The tank wiggles over the hole and crushes everything in it. Then it rumbles on... "THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR HAS GOTTEN HIS MONUMENT" MORGENAVISEN, NORWAY
    Saga Egmont 1.painos
    ENG EISBN:9788711797631
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