Ambience - Rainy Weather

    Ambience - Rainy Weather / Rasmus Broe (äänikirja)

    Wind-down to the sounds of nature. Outside the window the cold wind is lashing through the trees. The rain patters rhythmically, and from time to time, a distant rumble of thunder can be heard. Inside, all is warm and safe, and the weathers sounds are lulling you to sleep. Research has shown that natural sounds can have both a relaxing and stimulating effect on the brain. Saga Sounds is a series of pleasant, varied soundscapes, which you can listen to when winding down, going to sleep or focusing at work. A specially designed sound universe creates a calming atmosphere, also known as "ambience", which you can enter when and where you want.

    relaxation ambience rain nature sounds soundscape

    Saga Egmont 1.painos
    ENG EISBN:9788726258516